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The Year of Profitable SaaS

How do SaaS and XaaS business models become profitable?

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Protecting and Growing Your Customer Base

Who owns Renewals and Expansion, and how can they grow cost-effective revenue?

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Monetizing Customer Success

How can you cost-effectively scale CS 
while building toward longevity?

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The Evolution of Pricing Models
for Managed Services

How can providers ensure their models are profitable while driving value to customers?

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The Evolution of Pricing Models for Managed Services

How can providers ensure their pricing models are profitable while driving value to their customers?

Covered in this journey:

The five common types of pricing methodologies

How pricing models have evolved over recent years

The importance key metrics play in implementation

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How do TSIA Research Journeys work?

Define the Problem

By clearly identifying the business challenge, we can start tackling it.

May 2023


Read the Blog: How to Price Managed Services

Selecting the right pricing model can lead to significant growth and much more—so what’s the right pricing model for your business, and what factors should you consider to successfully implement it?

Jeremy Blanton

Launch Discovery

With polls, interviews, and more, here’s where we dig deep into the facts and contributing factors.


May 2023



Take Industry Poll 1

Our polls are where we start to gather the data we need to begin formulating lasting solutions.

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Poll #1 Report

June 30, 2023

Read Results from Poll 1

Here’s where we’ll present a high-level view of our first poll results and key insights.

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Take Industry Poll 2

More polls mean more data—which in turn, means better analysis and a clearer picture of the path forward.

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Read the Poll Narrative

We’re ready to present the combined results and initial indications from Polls 1 and 2!

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Build the Theory

With data in hand, our researchers and analysts can start developing frameworks.


August 2023


Publish Date

Listen to the Podcast

Join host Thomas Lah as he speaks with tech executives, researchers, and thought leaders about what companies should do to stay relevant, be profitable, and succeed in the ever-shifting tech industry.

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Check Out An Industry Story

In this industry story, we’ll spotlight leading companies in their journeys to evolve and implement the right pricing models for their businesses.

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Take the Survey

Our Surveys are how we gather comprehensive, up-to-date information on the industry trends influencing our journeys so we can determine the best way forward.

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Join the Webinar

Ready to talk details? So are we! Our Research Journey webinars are your chance to learn more about the ins and outs of each Journey in a live, focused setting.

Steve Frost

Survey Narrative

View the Survey Narrative

Our Survey Narratives are how we present a high-level view of our findings from our Research Journey Surveys, including results and key data.

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Solve the Problem

Correlations to financial results lead to conclusions. We’re ready to present our findings!


September 2023

Research Paper

Read the Research

It’s here! Our research paper concludes the Journey and delivers industry-validated, board-ready insights. TSIA Members will receive the full report—you don’t want to miss this!

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This is where our Research Journey will come to life in an interactive forum! Learn more about Monetizing Customer Success from TSIA experts—and each other.

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TSIA Research Journeys are our initiative to solve the top problems plaguing the tech industry today. Join us as we launch discovery research, build practical theories, and deliver industry-validated, board-ready insights designed to help empower every tech company.

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